AMMO Car Park Barrier, the automatic and intelligent barrier can be used convenient and safely added our the humanization clutch device and balance device.It is capable of inputting from Loop Detector, Long Range Reader (RFID), Push Button, Safety Sensor (Photocell), Handheld Transmitter (Remote Control),etc.




















Function & Features 

  1. Manual Release 
  2. Machine core with compression spring 
  3. Aluminium die-casting motor base to reduce the noise. 
  4. Fan colling machine reduce the motor temperature by high frequency using.
  5. Support Infrared Photocell, Vehicle Loop Detector, IC System conection for other functions. 
  6. Wired / Remote Control: Push Button / Remote Control   


This product is also available in the E catalog

Specification AMMO 101 (4m) AMMO 101 (6m)
Opening Time 1.5 sec / 3 sec 6 sec
Power Supply Input 230V AC 50MHz 230V AC 50MHz
Idling Power Consumption 0.39, 90 Watt 0.43A, 100 Watt
Operating Power 0.60A, 140 Watt 0.75A, 175 Watt
Noise Level < 60dB < 60dB
Thrust Force > 300N > 300N
Operating Temperature -20° to 70°C -20° to 70°C
Housing Dimension 330(L) x 305(W)
330(L) x 305(W)
Arm Length Up to 4 meters Up to 6 meters
Arm Dimension 100 x 45mm 100 x 45mm


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