Dynamos XL

Dynamos XL


Automation for sliding gates up to 2500kg



Quick And Robust 

Dynamos XL in 24 Vdc and 230 Vac versions: maximum power applied to the mechanica reliability of the Dynamos family.

The base in cast aluminium, the plastic parts in ABS with UVA protection and the polyester coating make this product resistant to atmospheric agents.

Intensive Use

Dynamos XL. is designed for installation in industrial and commeroial settings. or anywhere that requires maximum reliabi ity with intensiIve use.

Set uo for inductive end-of-travel stop.

Smart Traditional Electronics 

STARG8 control units radically simplify the installer's job, guaranteeing high levels of performance in terms of safety, time and speed of installation A single programming method speeds up the activation of the automatic devices and managing maintenanec operations becomes simple and practical. 


Practical regulation using trimmers, self learning gate travel programming using a single key, diagnostic LEDS and dip-switches for setting operating modes. Management of slow down options, speed regulation and obstacle control in all versions. Plastic cover with explanatory labels and spare fuses.