Interphone V2100

  • $4,600.00

The smart intercom for any mobile phone The interphone is luxury wireless Intercom entry security solution, installed on an apartment buildings with many residents. It grants you full duplex communication and access control of your door or gate with touch of a mobile. giving you a peace of mind when you are avay from home



Model: Interphone Hybrid V2100

Receive wireless video calls to your smartphone Or standard wireless audio calls to any home or mobile phone Receive push notifications from your building's management Grant access, anywhere, from a touch of your mobile phone. Video surveillance capability: Cloud on demand HD live video Advanced security: data is securely streamed from our high speed cloud servers to each individual interphone panel.

The App streams video calls from the interphone to smart devices connected to Wifi or 4G cellular networks Be able to remotely grant door, gate and even elevator access from any phone.

Video Hybrid System

Processor: quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU

Ram: 1GB RAM

Camera: Wide Angle 1080p 8mp High DetinitionCamera P2P VolP HD video call function ((OS and Android App integration)

Sound: Digital stereo sound card with MEMS microphone (class D power amplifier)